LANDAY (2015) - Vibraphone and 4 Female Voices

Composed for: Mathilde Dambricourt

Duration: 10 min

A setting of three Pashtun Landay that they deal with complex themes such as emigration, suicide, love and gender equality. The singers present the text in a masked manner. The first the text is stretched out to unfold over time at a slower rate so we perceive the poem in slow motion. Following a primordial transition the second poem appears in a fragmentary guise. The third poem is presented in a simpler way; distilled and pure. The final word is wrung for all it is worth, before we experience a second primordial catharsis.

GOLDFISH (2014) - Chamber Choir

First Performed by: Chamber Choir Ireland

Scored for: SSAATTBB

Duration: 6 min

Goldfish is an atmospheric work for chamber choir. It contains owl sounds, bird chirping techniques, wind sounds, whispering, and singing. These vocal sounds all contribute toward expressing, in the form of music, this glowing text by poet Cal Doyle.

SPECTRUM (2012) - Chamber Choir

Commissioned by: Voci Nuove Chamber Choir

Scored for: SSAATTBB

Duration: 6 min

The great Argentinian writer Jorge Luis Borges once said, "How many words really describe their meaning with their sound?". For this piece I decided to liberate myself from the sounds of words, that is to say, I do not use any words. Spectrum explores the sounds of the human voice. The idea was to carefully control the musical ideas in relation to the palette of human sounds used. This purely sonic adventure finishes in an explosion of colour.