Nimbus (2015)

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Nimbus (2015)


: String Orchestra (18 Parts)

Duration: 20 mins

Commissioned by: The Irish Chamber Orchestra


nim·bus noun \ˈnim-bəs\
: a circle of light or halo
plural nim·bi or nim·bus·es

1:  A splendid aura or light that surrounds a person or thing.
2:  A radiant light said to surround a deity when on earth.
3:  A dark grey cloud that produces rain or snow.

Very occasionally, you cross paths with someone and you feel a strong presence.  It is like an aura that only you can see.  Its radiance is outside of the realm of the five senses and the physical plane.  Some things can never be told through words.  That is why there is music.

Nimbus is scored for String Orchestra in 18 individual parts, and is dedicated to The Irish Chamber Orchestra. Supported by The Arts Council of Ireland.

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“The atmospheric, one movement work mixed a shifting palette of string effects. Drones set against shimmery, tremolo violins , chuggy bass riffs, ghostly harmonics and stocky pizzicato ebbed and flowed in this freestyle piece inspired by an 'aura of radiance.” - Cathy Desmond, Irish Examiner