Grey Area (2017-19)

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Grey Area (2017-19)


Blending the essence of street skateboarding with contemporary music, ‘Grey Area’ is a hypnotic nocturnal journey through the streets, leading us to secrets that we find only if we are open to them.

Instrumentation: Ensemble and Street Skateboarding Film

Duration: 20 min

Performer: Crash Ensemble

Premièred at: Musica Nova Helsinki, Finland

Commissioned by: Engage Arts Festival

Supported by: The Arts Council of Ireland

Composer / Director: Sam Perkin

Cinematography: Nob / Sam Curtin

Skateboarders: Charles Neilson / Paddy Walsh

Purshase includes Digital PDF Download of Full Score and Parts, as well as Video File to be sent by personal email.

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About The Work:

As a composer and skateboarder, it has taken me quite a few years to find a way of blending the two together in a meaningful artistic way. Grey Area is the fruit of a collaboration between friends, an exploration at the crossroads between contemporary music and street skateboarding. I wanted to convey the unique feeling of liberation that street skateboarding brings. I also wished to transport the listener / viewer into the mind a skateboarder. I did this to reveal how skateboarders look differently at architecture - how they perceive their landscape and the excitement that it brings to them.

In the film, two different worlds are shown in relief, each one complementing the other. The first layer is in slow motion and follows a skateboarder from the centre of a city to its outskirts. The second layer intersperses energetic, glitchy shots of a skateboarder interacting with their landscape. All sound was removed from the film and we hear this second layer played by Crash Ensemble. In other words, I orchestrated the sounds, rhythms and colours of skateboarding and The City.

We are hypnotically drawn in to the skateboarder’s hypnotic nocturnal journey to see what secrets are to be found, if we are open to them.