Review - New Work by Sam Perkin - A Balm for Tinnitus

"The Irish Chamber Orchestra’s programme under Gábor Takács-Nagy included the first performance of Cork composer Sam Perkin’s '365 Variations on a Gesture'. His programme note explained how the piece was influenced by waves. But he introduced the performances and gave a more personal slant on how the sound of waves has come to have a new significance in his life.

He has joined the ranks of people who suffer from tinnitus, a problem with his hearing that means he experiences noise that is not stimulated by any acoustic activity around him.

He has, though, found a source of relief. The sound of waves works effectively against the new and unwelcome sounds he’s hearing. His new piece for strings and percussion charts the wonderful variety of wave sounds, their slow rolling might, their percussive foam and froth, their rumbles and shimmers. Takács-Nagy and the players of the ICO, with Alex Petcu playing percussion, seemed to be delivering everything he could have wished for."

— Michael Dervan, The Irish Times