String Trio "Flow" (2018)

Instrumentation: Violin, Viola, Cello

Duration: 15 min

Commissioned by: Aoife Burke / Spotlight Chamber Music Series, Triskel Arts Centre Cork

Programme Note: This piece aims to create a trance-like experience for the performers, to set up that space which we often call the zone, where magic is born in the air.

"Freakshow" (2016)

Instrumentation: Piano Trio

Duration: 10 min

Commissioned by: Gregynog Festival for The Fidelio Trio

Programme Note: Inspired by The Circus of Rats at Fron-Goch internment camp, this set of seven miniatures is dedicated to the stars of the "Freakshow”. Traditionally, this type of show exhibited biological rarities, referred to as freaks of nature. In contrast, this work celebrates the remarkable abilities and personalities of these extraordinary people.

Pause (2016)

Instrumentation: String Quartet and Slowed-Down Irish Fiddle (Tape)

Duration: 10 min

Commissioned by: Ortús Chamber Music Festival

Programme Note: Pause is a meditative work in which a live classical String Quartet interacts with a recorded traditional Irish Fiddle slowed-down by 800%. Commissioned by Ortús Chamber Music Festival, the work was written to commemorate the centenary of the 1916 Easter Rising in Ireland and it is dedicated to Thomas Kent who executed during the aftermath of The Rising. The haunting slowed-down Irish tune heard in the work is The Foggy Dew, played from a laptop during the performance and originally performed by Mairéad Hickey. The audience are invited to hum for the end of the piece. Supported by The Arts Council of Ireland.

Landay (2015)

Instrumentation: Vibraphone and 4 Female Voices

Duration: 10 min

Composed for: Mathilde Dambricourt

Programme Note: A setting of three Pashtun Landay that deal with complex themes such as emigration, suicide, love and gender equality. The singers present the text in a masked manner. The first the text is stretched out to unfold over time at a slower rate so we perceive the poem in slow motion. Following a primordial transition the second poem appears in a fragmentary guise. The third poem is presented in a simpler way; distilled and pure. The final word is wrung for all it is worth, before we experience a second primordial catharsis.

9 Snapshots (2013)

Instrumentation: Violin and Piano

Duration: 45 min

Commissioned by: Gabriela Mayer / Ruxandra Petcu-Colan / Cork City Council Arts Office

1. Play Fight
2. Coincidences
3. Free Chinese
4. A Virtue
5. Tango Broadcast
6. 14/12/12
7. From The Sky
8. Curling
9. Brothers In Another Life

Prelude and Fugue (2011)

Instrumentation: Violin and Marimba

Duration: 10 min

Commissioned by: Cork New Music Ensemble

Programme Note: The violin and the marimba create such a unique sound when in combination. The Fugue is infused with the flavour of Andean folk music, and is woven from the same materials as the Prelude. The various threads are explored in such a way that the music finds a diverse array of outlets for reflection, while maintaining its exuberant character.

String Quartet (2010)

Instrumentation: 2 Violins, Viola, Cello

Duration: 20 min

Commissioned by: Cork Orchestral Society for The Vanbrugh Quartet

Programme Note: So much depends on perspective. How you perceive a piece of music is inextricably linked to what else you have heard before, and to the different references you have to draw upon. In the Quartet there are four movements that spring from a single idea, but each one is from a completely different perspective.